Šestan-Busch ltd. for the 10th time represented on World largest Fair of military equipment and products - IDEX 2019

Šestan-Busch ltd. again presented own product portfolio at the largest World Fair of military products, services, technologies and innovations - IDEX (International defence exhibition / conference) 2019. The appearance was is jointly organized in partnership with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. For Šestan-Busch ltd this is a 10th consecutive appearance on IDEX. Company presented latest production portfolio of factory featuring over 10 different models of anti ballistic protective helmets for the army and police purposes, along with the latest innovative product of the company; Anti Riot anti ballistic suit for police forces. This latest product is result of cooperation and collaboration of Šestan-Busch ltd., as the holder of a production consortium, and 6 Croatian companies that jointly developed and produced this product for police forces of the Republic of Croatia. This latest product and company capability was premiered at the IDEX 2019 Fair in Abu Dhabi, and has sparked great interest from potential customers and users. Numerous new contacts were made at the Fair, but we also paid special attention to maintaining our regular and constant partnerships from the Arab World since for our company this represents our most important export market - proof of this is expected signing of the contract with the United Arab Emirates for 30,000 pieces of army helmets.


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