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            AND PRODUCTION

            Our staff’s thirty years of experience and our collaboration with many
            scientific institutions from all over the world guarantee our quality. Our
            production facilities in Croatia (Prelog), Germany (Gütersloh), the Czech
            Republic (Chomutov) and Italy (Taranto) use
            state-of-the-art technology in order to improve the level of protection
            provided by our products as much as possible.
            Our practical knowledge, in synergy with the academic and industry
            knowledge of our partners and constant communication with
            our customers, helps us develop innovative ideas and proposals and
            always remain a cut above the rest.
            Our company’s research department is proud to employ experts
            from various fields thus creating an extensive database  of
            knowledge and competencies at our disposal. From the research and
            application of new materials to cutting-edge technology – everything is
            geared toward improving the protective properties of our helmets. This
            will always remain our first and foremost priority.

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