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SUPERIOR                                                              In order to ensure maximum flexibility, compatibility and comfort,
                                                                                   our helmets have been designed for easy integration with other
                                                                                   elements of protective equipment.
             HELMET                                                                Our helmets offer:

                                                                                   Superior protection
                                                                                   Superior comfort
                                                                                   Superior quality
                                                                                   Superior mental and physical stamina of users

                                                                                   The SB helmet is our latest product, one into which we
                                                                                   implemented about a dozen innovations and patents. It
                                                                                   boasts the following features:

                                                                                   • Resistance to various types of bullets
                                                                                   • Resistance to serious trauma, which reduces the
                                                                                      possibility of head injury.
                                                                                   • The ability to be equipped with different devices
                                                                                       and equipment. This means our helmets can easily
                                                                                       be transformed into multifunctional helmets, without
                                                                                       the need for drilling any holes into the helmet shell.
                                                                                       Visors, protective gas masks, neck protection and other
                                                                                       equipment (mini cameras, lamps, night vision goggles,
                                                                                       thermal vision cameras, ear muffs and microphones)
                                                                                       can all be installed in a short period of time, without the
                                                                                       need for any special equipment.
                                                                                   • Improved mental and physical stamina of soldiers/
                                                                                      policemen/other users achieved with the installation of
                                                                                      a special ˝POSITRON PLUS˝ chip

                                                                                   ŠESTAN-BUSCH helmets – because your life and health
                                                                                   deserve first-class protection.

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