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               BK-R-SAELSI s multifunctional ballistic helmet made
               from our BK-R shell. The helmet was specially designed
               and developed to maximize the protection of the whole
               head with ballistic visor and ballistic neck protector. All
               elements on the helmet are attached without drilling holes
               in the shell (boltless shell) to eliminate all potential weak

               Advantages of such helmet are the following:
               ∙ there are no potential weak points on the shell of
                 the helmet
               ∙ increased area of protection
               ∙ there is no possibility of secondary fragmentation

               The main feature is one size shell which can cover the
               head sizes from 52 to 64 thanks to the special inside
               equipment and BOA system chin strap. Protective
               antiballistic visor and neck protector can be easily
               assembled and disassembled on the helmet without any
               special tools.

                 SHOTECK                TOJ4R-P                SIDE RAIL
                 SHOTECK 2M             TOJ4R-T                NVG HOLDER
                                        TOJ4R-C                VISOR VB1
                                        BOA                    VISOR VB2
                                        S3                     VISOR VR1                          HELMET SIZE        L
                                        SJ3                    NECK PROTECTOR NPB
                                                                                                  Head size (cm)   52-64
                                                               NECK PROTECTOR NPR1
                                                                                                  Weight (g) ±5%    4240
                                                               NECK PROTECTOR NPR2

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