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               BK-ACH is a modern ballistic combat helmet that is
               comparable to USA model ACH (Advanced Combat
               Helmet), and is identical to the MICH TC-2000. The helmet is
               designed to  be lighter than the PASGT infantry helmet and it
               provides more flexibility in the field. With no front brow feature
               upward visibility is improved and allow easier mounting of
               night-vision goggle brackets. The side trim is higher  to allow
               greater compatibility with communications headsets and
               improve hearing when headsets are not used.

               The helmet shell is made from high quality aramid fiber or
               UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene). The
               helmet and its parts are resistant to all weather conditions
               and available in three widely accepted versions: Regular Cut,
               Mid Cut and High Cut.

                 HELMET SIZE        S         M          L         XL
                 Head size (cm)   52-56      55-59     58-62      61-64
                 Weight (g) ±5%   1250       1300       1350      1450

                 MATRIX                 TOJ4R-P                SIDE RAIL
                 PAD 7                  TOJ4R-T                NVG HOLDER
                 PAD 9                  TOJ4R-C                VISOR VB1
                 D30                    BOA                    VISOR VB2
                                                               VISOR VR1
                                                               NECK PROTECTOR NPB                      REGULAR CUT       MID CUT        HIGH CUT
                                                               NECK PROTECTOR NPR1
                                                               NECK PROTECTOR NPR2
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