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            BK-3 fulfils all requirements of a modern ballistic combat
            helmet for ground troops and can be comparable to with EU
            model PASGT. The helmet model is also known to be used by
            United Nations Peacekeeping forces where it is often painted
            in United Nations blue. It is designed with a slight front brow
            feature to protect the users’ eyes from direct sun. The helmet
            shell is made from high quality aramid fiber and its parts are
            resistant to all weather conditions.

              HELMET SIZE        S         M          L         XL
              Head size (cm)   53-56      56-59     59-62      62-65

              Weight (g) ±5%   1430       1500       1680      1710

              SHOTECK                TOJ4R-P                SIDE RAIL
              SHOTECK 2M             TOJ4R-T                NVG HOLDER
              MATRIX                 TOJ4R-C                VISOR VB3
              PAD 7                  BOA                    VISOR VBP
              PAD 9                  S3                     VISOR VR2
              D30                    SJ3                    NECK PROTECTOR NPB
                                                            NECK PROTECTOR NPR1
                                                            NECK PROTECTOR NPR2

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