The conditions of business and use of the website; www.sestan-busch.hr and the conclusion of distance contracts through the means of distance communication shall be governed primarily by the Terms and Conditions here in, unless the contracting parties (Seller and Buyer) agree otherwise. The terms of operation and use are subject to the Consumer Protection Law (NN 41/14) and the Mandatory Obligations Law (NN 35/05 and NN 41/08).

When ordering products from the trade catalog, the Buyer will be immediately acquainted with all the prescribed data referred to in Article 57., and in accordance with Article 66, paragraph 2. of the Consumer Protection Law.

All content published on the sestan-busch.hr catalog is owned by Šestan Busch ltd. or being used with the permission of the copyright holder. Any copying, modification, distribution, linking, announcements or displaying of content without explicit written permission from Šestan Busch ltd. is strictly forbidden.

DELIVERY COSTS are calculated individually for each package and are negotiated directly with the buyer. If the buyer, during package delivery, notices damage on the package, then he is not in obligation to take over and verify the delivery and he must claim reclamation of the product (package). The delivery is carried out by the carrier or service provider chosen by one of the parties.

Šestan Busch Itd. retains the right of mistakes in the description and photograph of each individual item. If you are not sure in the actual features or appearance of a particular product, please contact us by email:




  1. Payment by cashier: The amount of receipt is being settled in cash during package delivery.
  2. Internet Banking: Viral Payment accoriding to Offer
  3. Others - in agreement with the buyer

PRODUCT DELIVERY: We deliver the ordered items according to the agreement with the buyer, after the payment. Free delivery is for those items that are paid according to the offer in full, unless otherwise agreed between the buyer and the seller.


The official Offer that we send after the valid order form has been made through the Web Catalog is valid for 2 days. After 2 days the offer is no longer valid and you need to re-order the order form.


All complaints under Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Law (NN 41/2014) can be sent by postal services, fax or electronic mail, as well as in person file an complaint in the business premises of the company.

Other forms of complaint and contacts:

  • To the address: Šestan Busch d.o.o., Industrial Zone 3, 40323 Prelog
  • To e-mail: sestan-busch@ck.t-com.hr
  • To Fax number: + 385 (40) 646 300 -
  • or officialy file a complaint in business premises at Industrial Zone 3, 40323 Prelog. In order to confirm the receipt of the written complaint in accordance with Article 10, paragraph 5 of the Consumer Protection Law, and then respond to it, you are responsible to provide the correct information for receipt.

The official response to your complaint, by Croatian law, will be given in written form no later than 15 days after the receipt of the complaint. Otherwise, you can contact the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data or the Consumer Protection Association. Šestan-Busch ltd reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice. The operating conditions are in accordance with the valid Laws of the Republic of Croatia. In the case of a possible dispute, the seller and the consumer will resolve the dispute peacefully and, if not possible, the Municipal Court of Čakovec.

  • If you accept the terms of use, you agree to the General Terms and Conditions.


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