The full ballistic efficiency
Is achieved with the new boltless construction from the Šestan-Busch group

Advantages of new boltless helmet:

  • no weak points on a helmet
  • head protective area is increased
  • no possibility of secondary fragmentation
  • no added weight
  • improved wearing comfort due better fixation of the helmet on the headby attaching the belt 60 mm beneath the helmet balance point
  • the force on the chin by the belt is reducet

Current construction
By the conventional process is used 50 % of the material of the helmet shell for the absorption of the balistic energy, after the shot channel has been cracked open.

EBSP construction
Kod EBSP procesa je upotrijebljeno 100 % materijala kalote kacige za apsorpciju balističke energije, nakon što je kanal uslijed pucnja bio otvoren .

  • By the EBS - process is used 100 % of the material of the helmet shell for the  absorption of the balistic energy, after the shot channel has been cracked open

  • Trauma is reduce 30 %
  • Head protectice area is increased by 14 %
  • Helmets are able to resist more shots
  • The minimum distance between shots is reduced by 30 %

Inside equipment SHOTECK
Inside equipment SHOTECK was made as result of a long time researching and improvement made in company Šestan-Busch. Final result of this process is inside equipment for ballistic helmets with excellent characteristics, not only in field of absorption of impact energy projectile than also on field comfort of wearing, ventilation of helmet, perfect connection helmet and user head, also possibility of manifold adjusting.

The main characteristic of SHOTECK inside equipment is its geometry. On outside surface of equipment are (the side which is in touch with inside surface of shell), disposed on a special arrangement, elements which by impact of projectile with their deformation absorb impact energy. Therefore only small part of this energy transmits to neck of helmet’s user.

This confirms also results of testing due to different norms and one of them is EN 397. The height of these elements (12 – 14 mm) assures necessary difference between inside surface of helmet and head of helmet’s user.
With this at the same time perfect ventilation of helmet inside is achieved.

Parts of inside equipment which are in directly contact with skin of user are coated with natural leather or artificial material on PU base with anti allergic characteristics (leather is treated only with natural derivatives). Basic material from which inside equipment parts are made, by process injection moulding, is combination PE-LD with necessary adding’s which, due to needs of buyers, determinate final characteristics of product (for exp. special requirements on colour, degree of self extinguishing, etc…).

Possibility of adjusting inside equipment SHOTECK is very user friendly and easy. Because of its complexity and complicatedness it is possible to adjust due to volume of a head, also due to depth of wearing on simple, quick way and without need of use any tools.


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