Šestan-Busch ltd. re-introduced itself at the leading EU exhibition and fair for Homeland Security and Safety - MILIPOL 2019, Paris. The presentation and very appearance was jointly organized in partnership with the Croatian Chamber of Economy (Special Purpose Manufacturers Community). The Fair will feature the latest production portfolio of the company ŠESTAN-BUSCH with over 10 different models of anti-ballistic and protective helmets for the military and police, as well as company’s latest product premiere; Anti Riot kit consisting of complete Anti-Ballistic Suit for Intervention Police Forces. This Anti-Riot kit was jointly developed and produced by the Šestan-Busch Ltd., as a carrier of a manufacturing consortium of 6 companies, for the police force of the Republic of Croatia. Also, the company is presenting initial concept and idea of a new "multi-functional protection helmet" that is being developed for civil security purposes, under support of ESI Funds provided by Croatian Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts. The ŠESTAN-BUSCH ltd. at MILIPOL 2019, Paris is being presented by the Company's Chief Executive Officer; Mr Alojzije Šestan, Technical Director Mr. Božo Bujanic and Head of Testing and Certification processes Mr. Davor Pahek.


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